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Who we are

Unicorn got its start in 2013 as a team of city life aficionados and fun-loving designers. We are a design co. and purveyor of home goods. We are passionate about setting the stage for a story to unfold with apartment designs that inspire lifestyles..

We work with real estate companies, development firms, vacation stay owners, and tenants themselves, and are keen on cultivating a collaborative relationship with all of our partners.

We thrive on a belief that design should address problems and attempt to solve them, in addition to delivering aesthetically. As a team, we want to create interiors that are fresh, functional, and desirable.– we’re a nimble team of 3 w/ the shared mission

Our Story

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Interior Design

Our Mission.......

To provide a seamless service that bridges the gap between exceptional design and maximizing the selling points of any homes at their highest value.

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On Time Service

Booking, payment, installation, wowing the crowds-- We can get it all done in the blink of an eye! Our way of doing business is up to date and hassle free. 


A Team Of Professionals

Our designers will work with your property to ensure a perfect fit for your unique floor plan. We take into account building character, neighborhood vibe, and target market when creating the perfect look.


Experience in the Field

Since our conception of 2013, our primary goal has been to provide superior support services for Staging and furniture needs.   

Tell us about your project today.

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